Running For Weight Loss – Top 7 Best Weight Loss Tips

Running indeed is a healthy activity. It keeps you active, refreshed and relaxed throughout the day as well. But do you know that you can easily lose your weight with running? If not, then this article is meant for you.

Running For Weight Loss

People mostly do running to remain fit and agile but what they don’t know is that they can easily lose their weight by trying out different running workouts.

As a professional fitness trainer, I am here to uncover some secret tips for people who want instant weight loss with running.

No matter you either have a treadmill or you just want to run outdoors, these tips are effective for both scenarios.

So, let’s dive right back into the topic without any further ao:

Top 7 Secret Running For Weight Loss Tips:

The best and ideal tips that I also apply in my running sessions are as follows;

  • Use Varieties In Running For Weight Loss:

The very first tip that I would want to tell all runners is using different varieties of workout. That is, only running in a static and steady condition is not enough. You need to do something more than just running in order to lose the body fats easily.

So, what is the solution? According to research of a Sports University located in the UK, “Trying out different workouts for running is very effective in weight loss”. That is, you should mix up your running routine with jogging, sprints, long step running and simple walk.

In this way, your body will remain more active and the metabolism rate will be at a high pace resulting in calories burning for sure. So, make sure that you try different varieties of running workouts to make the most out of your weight loss goal.

  • Don’t Overdo Running For Weight Loss:

Yes, I have mentioned about trying varieties of workouts during the weight loss mission. But, that doesn’t mean that you start overdoing it. Keep in mind that excess of everything is bad.

You need to take this mission gradually and slowly. Overdoing long sprints and fast running might end up in serious injuries and you won’t be able to make an impact on your body as well.

As studies show that, people who are involved in 5 days running workout throughout the week are more prone to injuries than people who prefer resting in between the workout days.

You should make your workout plan as, one day running and one-day total rest. That’s what I do and I never faced any injuries or hamstring issues.

  • Don’t Eat More During the Workout Plan:

Yeah, a lot of people have got this misconception that if they are running more, they should eat more because they are burning a lot of calories. This thing works only if you want to build your body mass.

But, we are doing the complete opposite here, right? We are on a mission to lose weight and for this, you should remain stuck to your own weight loss diet plan rather than overeating because of excessive running.

If you feel hungry after a long workout, eat something organic only in this case. It will help you to remain energized for more workouts to come.

  • Avoid Using Alcohol:

Many people have got this habit of drinking alcohol after the running for weight loss which is indeed not very good. You should avoid drinking alcohol at any cost because it can harm your metabolism after you are done with a long workout of running.

Instead, prefer water because it’s good for health and will keep you hydrated for a long period of time as well.

Therefore, refrain from using alcohol more often if you want to lose weight instantly.

  • Consider Your Carb Loading:

Only running is not enough. Having a proper diet plan combined with running for weight loss helps in keeping you on the track. You should maintain the calories intake with that of calories burnt so that it might help you in effective weight loss.

If you are not very well aware of a good diet plan for weight loss, you should consult a Diet and Nutrition Doctor who will assist you in a perfect diet plan if you are on different running workouts.

You can easily lose a lot of body fats in this way.

  • Focus on Proper Long Runs:

Fueling long runs is necessary because you will need the energy to cover long distances. Well, if you are planning on short runs i.e. less than 60 minutes, then it is okay to use water as your energizer.

But, if you plan on covering large distances, then it is imminent that you must use a sip of sports drink or sports chewing gum. That is, because of long runs, your body may lose a lot of electrolytes and to maintain them, a sports drink or sports chewing is a perfect alternative.

So, before you plan on going for long runs, make sure that you remain energized throughout the workout to complete the set goal in time.

  • Consistency is the Key:

People with sanity know that instant weight loss is a myth. It requires hard work, dedication, and passion to lose body weight with effectiveness.

If you are not up for challenging yourself every day, then it means that you don’t want your body to return to normal shape and physique. That is, you must remain consistent throughout your diet and running workout plan.

Only, in this way, you can lose weight in a short span of time. Also, keep in mind that the changes won’t show in your early days.

But, with the passage of time, you will see the results for yourself.

The Final Word:

Running for weight loss is a perfect idea but it requires a lot of hard work and passion towards your goal which is losing fats off your body. Try your best to maintain your diet plan along with a variety of running workouts and you will see the change in yourself for sure.

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