Best Boxing Gloves Reviews In 2020 & Buyer’s Guide

Every boxing fighter wants to have victory in the ring. The problem? Winning a boxing competition depends on so many factors that coaches don’t agree on which one is the best. My take? Buying a pair of boxing gloves. They will protect your hands and help you win the competition even if you have fragile hands. Without a good pair of best boxing gloves, your palm or wrist will get injured.

And the worst part?

It takes time for your thumb, finger bones, and wrist to heal. You will see the doctor more often. But why take that risk, and what at cost? Let’s explore some options you have on the table for choosing a boxing glove.

Best Boxing Gloves – Comparison

1. Everlast Pro – Style Training Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent design
  • Light and durable
  • Sustain harsh training sessions
  • Protext3 technology
  • impressive antimicrobial lining

Wouldn’t it be great if you found gloves that comfort and protect you when throwing punches? Everlast pro-style holds the reins. It is a training boxing glove for both men and women. The gloves look cool on the design to give you extra confidence in training.

But that’s a lot more.

Everlast gloves have an impressive antimicrobial lining along with a mesh design to keep your hands cool. And the best part? The glove’s shape and design resemble a natural shape of wrists.

That means you won’t have a feeling of wearing something extra on your hand. One thing that separates it is the C4 foam technology, which maximizes your punching power and grip while providing more cushion and support.

Besides that, it has Protext3 technology, which provides firm support to the wrist — therefore relieving you from carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist injuries.

Final Views
Everlast Pro Style training gloves are a great choice for protecting your hands and training but they are priced inexpensively. From our opinions, the durability of these gloves depends on your training intensity. You can’t expect this glove to last you long if you are into intensity training.

2. Venum Challenger 2.0 – Boxing Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Light with lots of padding
  • Made of PU leather
  • Clean and smart design
  • budget-friendly
  • 100% polyurethane hybrid leather

What if you could get an excellent pair of gloves with great comfort, support, durability, and efficiency without breaking the bank?

Now that’s the cool thing about the Venum challenger 2.0 boxing gloves. It’s a budget-friendly glove offering unmatched quality. Since venom is a brand known by every professional MMA fighter as they sponsor some of their competition, you can’t go wrong with the gloves if you invest in them.

Its interior foam has a triple-layer, which acts as a shock absorber and protects your sprain. The enclosed wrist is built on elastic and velcro to allow for a perfect fit. But here’s what interests us. The mesh in the palm area keeps your hand dry so you can train and fight for a long time without drying off. They remain breathable and comfortable, depending on the size you buy.

Since the gloves have 100% polyurethane hybrid leather, they are durable. The high-quality PU leather surface offers one a smooth, clean, and comfortable feel. The right amount of versatility it has allows you to clench and make a fist with your hand.

Final Views

Venum Challenger 2.0 gears have holes in the thumb compartment area. The purpose is to allow airflow in the area to keep your thumbs dry and comfortable. It is an excellent feature since most boxer’s hands get sweaty fast. Overall, we find these gloves to be a great buy since it has premium features most low-end gloves lack.

3. Venum Elite – Boxing Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortable
  • reduces pain
  • Affordable
  • Good-looking
  • Excellent for beginners

Venum Elite boxing gloves addresses all the features mid-level boxers and professional look for in a glove.

But how?

It’s built for throwing super punches. Yes, its price can fool, but unless you test its limit, you may never have a clue how great these gloves perform in the ring.

First, the gloves have a myriad of designs that increases comfort and reduces pain on your hand and wrist. The reinforced palm and thumb lessen the injury and make the glove light. In the design department, Venum elite boxing gloves will last you long.

The gloves feel comfortable when put on because they offer great support. Although it’s not real leather, its SkinTex material is nice and soft not to give you brutal rashes to your opponent.

The gloves are bigger than most boxing gloves we have seen. They give you extra room in the thumb and palm area. That said, if you have bigger hands, take advantage of Venum elite boxing gloves.

Final Views

Overall, the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are an excellent investment. You get a premium stylish look, a comfortable fit, reasonably padding, at a decent price. Those looking to invest in a serious, durable, and protective gloves you may spend more yet Venum elite boxing gloves have all you want.

4. Ringside Apex – Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Training Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Stay-Dri lining
  • Injected molded foam
  • Mesh palm
  • tapered wrap-around closure
  • gel shock padding

Do you know what caught our attention about the ringside apex boxing muay Thai training gloves?

The top-notch design.

The red and black material is attractive. Second, is the high-quality original leather. What this tells you is, the gloves are durable. Since it also has suede leather, it is easy to clean.

Does Ringside apex boxing gloves score excellent punches in performance?

Sure it does!!! The gel shock padding absorbs impacts. It also has hooks and loops so you can put it on and off easily. But there’s more!!

The velcro strap maximizes your hand’s movement. At first, it will be stiff, but when you break-in, you’ll be comfortable with it.

We have tested these gloves for comfort and safety in an intense punching session. These ringside boxing gloves have a tapered wrap-around closure, which does not allow a wrist to slip in a punching exercise.

The gloves also have a hook and loop closure apparatus to allow you to take it off or on. They have IMF design, which makes them geared for speed and power work.

Final Views

We doubt if they are bad gloves. They fit pretty well, they are comfortable, and you will have an array of different colors and designs to choose from. If there’s one thing we agree on, is that they are great for frequent sparring but wreck badly when used for heavy bags.

5. TITLE Gel – World Bag Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent padding having enforced gel lining
  • Quality leather
  • Custom fits
  • secure enclosure
  • fantastic wrist-guard

Ever thought of having a victory in a boxing match? It’s only fair you get an excellent boxing glove.

TITLE gel world bag gloves are one such glove. It will change the way you throw punches. Not only does it provide immense workout and security, but it also motivates you to do the best in the ring.

The glove is both for beginners and advanced fighters because it meets and exceeds the expectation of different fighters.

Speaking of protection, the gloves guarantee ultimate protection comfort thanks to the many layers. The glove also has a traditional style closure system with a velcro strap to ensure a snug fit and tight closure.

As a fighter, your opponent can hurt and even cause you to succumb to injuries. To prevent this from happening, the title gel world bag glove comes and saves the day with a fantastic wrist-guard. It’s complete leather 360+ wrap around wrist ensures a secure enclosure and snug fit.

Final Views

The Title Gel World Bag Gloves are recommended if you are buying your second pair of gloves. They work best for boxers who have knuckle sores and heavy hitters. You will notice a big difference when you train with them. They will minimize pain and provide you with excellent protection. Best of all, they will last you longer than any average gloves you have ever bought.

6. Winning Training – Boxing Gloves 1602 MS600

Highlighted Features

  • 100% leather
  • Excellent lace-up
  • Quality padding protection
  • excellent cushioning
  • excellent wrist support.

The excellent craftsmanship of these gloves makes it desirable to both a beginner and a seasoned fighter. From the professional material to manufacturing, you’ll notice the gloves exhibit high quality.

There is a reason these gloves are called “pillows.” It’s because they have layered padding, making them soft, inviting, and comfortable.

But that’s not where winning training box gloves excel?

The long cuffs provide more support on the wrist. The gloves fit your hands and don’t even move when thrusting punches.

That said, if you have a bad wrist, winning gloves beats almost any glove with excellent wrist support. That means, the extra support and comfort won’t injure your wrist.

Here’s something interesting?

The gloves have a soft nylon liner for excellent cushioning. Since winning has high-quality material, you will use it for a very long time. Winning has the best stitching. Every stitch is straight and tight.

Final Views

Anyone that is serious about boxing or wants to be professional, winning gloves are the best no question asked. When these gloves are kept dry, they will last for years. Most importantly, they provide superior protection and prevent injuries when training or fighting.

7. Cleto Reyes – Hook and Loop Training Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Prevent bone breakage and sprains
  • 100% leather design
  • Excellent grip
  • extra-long lace design
  • nylon lining

Anyone who is into boxing recognizes the name Cleto Reyes because it is a respected name in the industry. The gloves come from Mexico.

Cleto Reyes has a unique thumb and wrist support that is 100% leather. It nylon lining repels water to prevent moisture from getting into the gloves and causing damage.

The excellent support system Cleto Reyes has will protect your hand, prevent spares, and breakage.

But there’s also something.

Its padding is 2 inches thick to make you feel comfortable when throwing punches. On the safety side, you’ll be happy to realize the minimalist design of the padding will minimize the risk of injury.

What about the fastenings?

Cleto training gloves have no limitations. Its hook and loop system is a leather strap that allows you to adjust it as you need them. The extra-long lace design provides a level of wrist protection when you are throwing punches.

Pro fighters use Cleto to gain mileage in the ring. It gives them the support they need to train and throw punches in the real world.

Final Views

You either love Cleto Reyes or hate them. The only thing that prevents people from investing in them is the price. One thing we are sure of is they are not starter gloves. Cleto Reyes is an outstanding brand that delivers serious powers for boxers who enjoy throwing wonderful punches.

8. Fairtex Muay – Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent design
  • Solid and strong material
  • Simple to use
  • absorb shock 
  • excellent padding

Have you been craving to get a pair of Fairtex muay that style training sparring gloves?

Well, now is the time. But before you throw in your hard-earned cash, let me tell you something exciting. First, newbie fighters can use these gloves. 

They are basic gloves with no exaggerated features. If you have worn gloves before you’ll notice most of them are heavy. 

But the gloves are light. What that means is, you can use it to learn boxing with little struggle with the weight. Despite them being essential, they deliver powerful punches that absorb shock and impact that makes them excellent for sparring.

The gloves have a wraparound hook that secures the gloves. What this does to you is to protect the gloves from coming off when you throw tough punches. Besides that, the gloves have excellent padding on the sides and thumb.

Final Views

We are fans of Fairtex gloves and we have used them for heavier glove bags and sparring in the past. When investing in one of these gloves, we recommend you stick to the 10 or 12 oz version. Why do we say so? It is because you can use them as a primary bag and pad gloves at the same time. We highly recommend them for anyone who wants excellent gloves.

9. Hayabusa T3 – Boxing Gloves

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent hand and wrist support
  • Thick padding
  • Excellent use of materials
  • vylar engineered leather
  • dual strap system

Who else wants a pair of gloves that are packed with unique features like a dual strap system, hard splints, a sweat absorbing thumb, and engineered leather?

Everybody right!!

Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves is something you can’t ignore. If you are serious about your training sessions, then the extra benefits that come with the gloves are worth the price.

The visual appearance of those gloves will tell you it stands out from the crowd. Unlike most gloves, Hayabusa comes with five different panels to form a segmented appearance. What these tell you is, it is a long-lasting glove.

It has vylar leather material on the outside. To mean, we don’t have real leather on these gloves but animal-free material.

Hayabusa claims animal-free material is better to protect the gloves from regular wear and tear. When you touch the gloves, you can mistake it to be leather until you take a hard look.

Final Views

Hayabusa T3 boxing exells in three areas: comfort, durability, and versatility. Although they are great gloves from personal experience, they are not fit for fighters who want to have total control during the cinch. If you are a serious fighter who trains regularly, you will benefit from these high-quality gloves like the Hayabusa T3 boxing.

10. Twins Special – Boxing Gloves Velcro

Highlighted Features

  • Durable gloves
  • Enough padding to keep you safe
  • Snug fit
  • Solid construction
  • high-quality wrist fastener

We are sure you’ve heard of Twins special boxing gloves from Muay.

But the best part is, It comes directly from Thailand. What that means is, you are receiving something authentic special to use it in training. They designed the gloves with the highest craftsmanship.

What makes these gloves unique? 

First, it has a high-quality wrist fastener. It means you can take the gloves on and off without a lot of struggles. Second, they are made of 100% real leather, which is an assurance that you are buying gloves that will last you.

For someone who sweats a lot, the gloves have excellent touch breathability. The multiple vents inside the gloves will keep your hands dry.

The design is amazing for everyday use. One thing that stands out about this pair of gloves is safety. The gloves have a lot of padding on the wrist to prevent injuries. If you have suffered from knuckle’s pain and sore hands, the twin has invested a lot to make sure your wrist is safe when using it.

Final Views

The Twins special boxing gloves are the best for the heavy bag, pad work, and sparring. The only thing you need to do is get the best size for your training. We fell in love with their design which caught our attention. Since the gloves have incredible colorway,  it is so easy to find something that gets your attention. The only area we give this glove a rate of 5/10 is a heavy bag. We hope the company will improve the gloves so that it can work better for hitting heavy bags.

11. Japanese-Style -Training Boxing Gloves 2.0

Highlighted Features

  • Quality and sturdy leather
  • Excellent padding quality
  • Cool design and colors
  • Absorb shock
  • Great padding

Imagine having a pair of gloves sure to provide you with maximum protection to go sparring? Well, the Japanese-style training boxing gloves have enough layered padding to assure you.

It’s common for people to compare ring to cage padding to Winning. Its foam is 1.5 inches enough to absorb shock and block your partner with the upper side without feeling much soreness.

The most improved part is the wrist of these gloves. It is small and tall compared to the old part. The changes improve wrist safety and stabilize it more. That said, you can use it without issues in a heavy punching session.

The quality and protection of these gloves are in the same league as the leading brand. The left hook of the gloves makes it easy for a knuckle connects in every punch.

You can use those gloves for sparring, or punch bag wear. The material used in these gloves has a soft liner which makes you feel comfortable and safe.

The great padding also molds your hands so you never experience discomfort. The overall stitching of the gloves is neat and clean. That’s the assurance you have the best glove for fighting and training.

Given the reputation that R2C has, you can’t be wrong when you invest in Japanese-Style Training boxing gloves. In fact, what won us over is the well made soft padding which makes the gloves ideal for sparring. Although the pair has its negative side, the gloves are not over-priced or over-hyped. What they advertised is what you get and we respect the brand for that.

12. Top King Glove -Color Black White Red Blue Gold

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent design
  • Smooth interior 
  • Wide wrist

Are you getting started with boxing? 

Top king gloves are the entry-level for newbies who want to train. They have a smooth interior that doesn’t feel hot.

That means you can wear this pair of gloves for an extended period without the feeling of sweating.

Since the gloves are leather, they can handle punching, blocking, and training. Their pad is also light to provide users with excellent protection and protect them from injuries.

Unlike most pairs of gloves, this doesn’t feel right, and they also stay the same after harnessing. Even after you have done an extreme workout, the interior wasn’t smelled.

It’s a sturdy leather won’t crack easily because of the solid stitch it has. Its wide wrist will improve protection when you are blocking.

Final Views

We love the tough leather in these gloves because it doesn’t crack and its stitch also is solid. Since it’s interior doesn’t have an awful smell, it makes the gloves so easy to clean and maintain. Because of those reasons, we feel it is the right gloves for people who are into Muay That boxing.

13. RDX – Boxing Gloves for Training and Muay Thai

Highlighted Features

  • Cheap
  • Protective padding
  • Excellent for entry casual trainers
  • Quality material
  •  Superb stitching

Casual trainers who want to do training and sparring will need a basic glove like the RDX boxing gloves. What sets them apart is they come from Maya hide leather, which is synthetic leather.

As for the craftsmanship, these gloves are excellent because of the superb stitching. The gloves have air holes in the palm and inner wick layer to allow for circulation. All these work together to keep the hands dry and draw sweat away. 

The result is your gloves are free from odor. Taking the gloves on and off is easy because of the velcro straps.

The only limitation is the cuffs are small and flimsy. That should tell you the gloves are not firmly attached to the hands.

Overall, the gloves will conform to your hand and offer you excellent support to your wrist. The quick-ex hook and loop make the glove fit secure.

With the shell shock gel equilibrium shoot triple padding, your hand will have support and protection.

Final Views

RDX gloves are the cheapest pair you can get for training and sparring. If you are a beginner, this one will make you spend the minimum. Bear in mind that if you need to spar you will need a 16oz version. Although they may not be the best gloves on the market, we are sure they will protect your hands.

14. Sanabul Essential – Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag

Highlighted Features

  • Secure velcro closure system
  • Excellent design
  • Gel-infused foam protection
  • hook and loop style closure
  • excellent protection

What will hold your attention about sanabul essential gel boxing is the design? The gloves look better on your hands. They will provide you excellent protection when you spare or hit the punching bag.

The gloves fit well in your hand, and you can take on and off with ease. The level of padding in the gloves is also on another level. Sanabul uses gel foam to absorb impacts and disperse energy. That said, the level of protection you will enjoy on those padding will be above average.

Longevity is something that deserves a saying. Unlike most gloves, that wear and tear and the padding break off. These gloves have excellent longevity and will take time to break down the other gloves.

With this glove, you also get a hook and loop style closure, which makes them simple and easy to take off. Its velcro is wide, which tells you the closure is secure.

The gloves will fit your hand well without posing any health complications. If you have sweaty hands, the wick in the gloves will keep moisture away, leaving your hand dry. You also have a mesh panel on the palm of your gloves.

Final Views

They have quality construction to last you a long time. You can use them on both bags and in sparring sessions. Sanabul boxing gloves are for daily training needs. You will see mostly on the quality of the material used to make.

15. Trindeer Pro – Grade Boxing Gloves for Man and Woman

Highlighted Features

  • Dual straps to offer extra comfort and security
  • Light
  • Silica gel to ensure a firm grip
  • Durable
  • Faux-leather construction

If you are a mid-level trainer or pro fighter, you are always looking for excellent value and performance. And Trideer pro-grade boxing gloves scores best in those two areas. Let me give you a low down about these gloves.

These gloves have a faux PU leather making them durable and able to withstand long training sessions. It’s multi-dense foam shock absorption, and wider wrist provides the gloves with superior protection.

Most importantly, the velcro also gives you a secure fit. The gloves also have a mesh panel to keep your hands cool and dry.

Since these gloves have a silica gel palm, they prevent injury to ensure a perfect grip for you. A great outstanding feature is the integrated wrist wraps, which offers the safety you can’t compare with other gloves on the market.

In any intense workout exercise, Trideer gloves protect your hand against friction between your fingers. Not only are these gloves excellent for sparring, but they are also comfortable.

Final Views

Investing in Trideer Pro Grade boxing is an excellent addition to your boxing ability. Whether you want them for speed, endurance, or strength, these gloves will help you achieve your ultimate boxing dream. The more you train with them, the more you become better at the boxing sport.

Things To Consider Before You Buy a Boxing Gloves

The Fit

The shape and design of gloves affect how you fight and defend yourself. Trust us. If you can’t feel comfortable in your gloves, you won’t have the confidence to fight in the ring. The right gloves fit you feel safe when throwing punches.

Some gloves fit well if you have big hands/wrist, while others are perfect for small hands. Too wider gloves make your hand wiggle around, making your wrist unsafe.

Too narrow gloves will choke your blood circulation in the hands. Gloves that cannot curl appropriately on your hand can cause an impact on your finger or knuckle when you are punching.

Padding Design

The purpose of a glove is to protect your hand. Excellent knuckle padding prevents injury in an intense punching session. The padding on the backside and palm-side defends you against an opponent’s attacks.

With time, you’ll also know that padding design gives you protection and affects your fighting strategy.

The padding design is a training aid. Heavy gloves are excellent for challenging-punching sparring matches.

If you are a fighter who loves speed, you can use lighter gloves. But if you need more protection, you choose heavier gloves with lots of padding. Boxing gloves will fit in three standard shapes.

  • Large shape – has more padding on the knuckle, wrist, and hand for excellent cushioning and blocking. 
  • Long shape – Perfect for harder and straighter punches offers more wrist support
  • Compact shape – has pads on the back and less on the wrist. They are perfect for blocking kicks. 

Air Circulation

A good glove is breathable to allow air circulation. That way, you won’t have sweaty hands when you are fighting. Aerated gloves will smell better and last longer since they won’t damage the padding.

Leather gloves are breathable. They have nice holes and allow air to circulate better. Never be fooled by synthetic gloves having mesh ventilation technology because they are low quality and not breathable.

Quality Construction

A lot of crappy boxing gloves exist in the marketplace. Natural, high-quality leather is strong, durable, breathable, and functional. You should not consider the following material when buying gloves include vinyl, polyurethane, plastic, or synthetic material.

These materials are non-breathable and leave acidic sweat in the glove. Non-leather material also smells awful than leather because of chemicals.

Leather material also varies. High-Quality gloves will be made from full-grain leather material and top grain leather. Any gloves not having either full or top grain leather will be weak or inferior.


A lot of gloves tear apart at the seams. Well, that happens because most companies take shortcuts in stitching. They want to save labor costs. A better glove stitches well with a nylon thread.

Nylon is thicker than cotton. If you have to choose a glove to go for one with a double stitch. The stitching on the palm and wrist have to be perfectly knitted. Make sure it’s a thick thread, double-stitching, and welted seams. Best of all, make sure it has stitching.

Categories of Boxing Gloves.

Bag gloves-these These are training gloves, beginners, and amateur boxers use them. They have extra padding to offer enough cushioning to prevent injuries.

Sparring gloves-they have enough padding to ensure you never hurt your sparring partner.

Competitive gloves are used in fighting competitions. These are gloves you lace-up.  Most of them are small. They have less padding because of less padding increase in power transfer. 

FAQ About the Gloves

Are these gloves excellent for heavy boxing?
Hayabusa, Twin, and Fairtex boxing gloves are excellent for heavy boxing.
Can beginners use these gloves?
Yes, we have boxing gloves for beginners such as Venum challenger, TITLE Boxing style, and others.
Do you have boxing gloves for professionals on this list?
Yes, we have professional boxing gloves such as Winning, Cleto Reyes,  and Everlast.
SIs there any difference between punching bag gloves and wraps?
Most people ask whether they should use punching bag gloves or wraps. It depends on your level of skills. If you are a beginner or intermediate boxer, then using wrap will make sense to you. Use punching bag gloves if you are elite or professional.
Which is Better, Laces, or Velcro Closures?
Laces will provide you with a more secure closer than velcro. The major limitation of lace-up is you will need someone to lace you up mostly when they are loose. If you will work alone, you may need to use gloves that have a velcro closure.


Gloves are essential in boxing. If you want to have an edge, you need to invest in the best boxing gloves. That’s the only way you will improve your performance in the ring. The good news is, we have given you a list of boxing gloves that will help you in any training sessions or fight you may have.

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